East coast vs west coast


We liked an identifiable touch of caramelized onion where the hole would have been. And maybe a hint of oil? Think direction of foccacia, but not puffy. It’s been ages since tasting one, but the memory persists.


I’ve only had ones my FIL brought back from Brooklyn, so I have no frame of reference as to standards of ascending deliciousness.
Biyalys, unlike the now ubiquitous bagel, really are a unique NYC taste treat.


And did you all know bialys have less calories than a bagel? the major difference is that they are not boiled and baked, just baked.


I assumed they were lower calorie because they are smaller/flatter. I don’t understand how these cooking methods would be lower in calories. Do you have a link? Thanks


That particular combination doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m on board with the basic bialy sandwich idea. Bialys are a better sandwich base than bagels are. Bagels are too hard, even freshly made ones.


I hope this explains it to you… Bialys have less sugar as explained to my by internist…I was surprised to find this out!



Ah, ok. So nothing to do with the method of cooking. That makes more sense to me. Thank you!


New York and Pennsylvania apples. I can’t remember the varieties - but there were lots I’d never seen in Seattle. And they were good.

Ramps would come in second. And not quite East coast, but “North coast” - yellow perch.


Absolutely critical to get the onions right! I’m still vaguely traumatized by an incident at Fairway when I actually was so naive as to believe their baked in house bialy were worth paying money for. Dunno WTF happened but the onions were basically cooked til translucent and then onto the bialy and baked.
End result -top of onions slightly brown, and underneath was a thick layer of too chunky not carmelized pale onions. (((Shudders)))
Zabar’s makes a great bialy. Been a long time since i had one now that i think about it- i have tunnel vision and go straight for the bagels at bagel shops!


Love me a good biyaly