East coast vs west coast

??? Is that a west coast product? I didn’t know that. Fun.


Easy. From the East coat: NY pizza and bagels. We’ve found pretty good bagels in SoCal and have re-educated our palates to what we now find to be ‘good’ pizza here tho.

I used to live on the East Coast, now I am on the West Coast.

West Coast: Mexican restaurants and strawberries
East Coast: Pizzeria


I agree with you on the Mexican and the pizza but my mom grows strawberries in NJ that are out of this world. I never buy strawberries off season since they are such a disappointment.

@corvette_johnny great topic!

Yes, good sourdough from the west coast. East coast? bagels. Good bagels. Not the kind that passes for a bagel up here in Westchester. A NYC bagel - and old fashioned one.


So I guess this makes the Gulf Coast fly over country.

We have in Texas real Tex-Mex, Gulf shrimp to the point of we’re tired of and haven’t had any in six months but suspect will reappear when the Wifeacita does Lent.

I’m all in with BoneAppetite on blue crab plus we have crawfish, don’t get me started on the faux west coast version.

Doug Kershaw, I saw him a couple of times at Houston’s famed Liberty Hall back in the 70s. The second one he got mad because people were talking during his set and couldn’t get a glass of water fast enough so he burned out.

He could play a mean fiddle and put on a great show.


He’s still around. My buddies Dave and Deke have gotten to play a few times with that crowd this year.
One of the high points, according to them.


This is more Bay Area vs. NY metro area, but there is very little inexpensive Greek food in the BA. I miss the NY/NJ diners.


Well, “if you’re gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band.”

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My FIL used to being us back bialys from Brooklyn. Now that’s something I’ve not seen elsewhere, at least in edible terms.
A treat.


From Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, in that order, now in N Cal, I want Pastrami, pastrami, pastrami!

And real bagels.

Also some Carribean products like (Jamaican beef) patties, and culantro. I have found the latter market as “ngò gai” in Asian markets.

My husband would say pizza by the slice.

But I would not give up the year round garden to table choices for that. I’d rather smoke my own pastrami, year round!

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Could this help:


Sugar snaps on Jan 20th.

Stonefruit in wine barrel liners behind.

Similar distance ce from “the City” in both areas I’ve lived. Will have to compare by zip code one day soon. And some overlapping demographics!

There is no Census data for …?We have pulled information for the ZIP Code 11412 instead.

Total population 34,882
Male population 15,589
Female population 19,293
Median age (years) 38
White Population 487
Black Population 32,100
Indian Population 126
Asian Population 365
Hawaiian Population 10
Hispanic Population 2,056
Median age (Male) 34.8
Median age (Female) 40.2
Total households 10,691
Family households (families) 8,151
Average household size 3.25
Average family size 3.67
Total 11,526.

95688 *

Total population 92,428
Male population 48,927
Female population 43,501
Median age (years) 37.2
White Population 61,301
Black Population 9,510
Indian Population 846
Asian Population 5,606
Hawaiian Population 532
Hispanic Population 21,121
Median age (Male) 36.9
Median age (Female) 37.7
Total households 31,092
Family households (families) 22,101
Average household size 2.71
Average family size 3.19
Total housing units 32,814

“Just got banned again.”

Wait!!! What???

Carnegie and Katz’s ship.

" According to the SF Gate , the nation’s highest court simply announced it would not hear the case against California’s ban on the production and sale of foie gras, thus upholding the ban itself."

I’ll have to read that a few more times. Not that often., but I HAVE seen it on menus recently… haven’t I ?

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Yeah, and I sometimes go there when visiting. Also, it seems to me, some folks are saying you want to to get your New York deli stuff from the outer boroughs.

At this point, if I can get the right cut, I might as well smoke my own!

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Yeah, it’s been legal for maybe a couple of years (or less). And it’s a AFAIK a police issue and they have bigger fish to fry. It’s so ridiculous. I read it described as they’re going after “low hanging fruit.” Try looking at pig gestation crates. But they don’t stand a prayer going after Big Ag.

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I’m not sure what the census figures mean in this discussion.
I grew up in KC, hung around SF, lived in Scottsdale/Valley of the Sun, and then moved to Southern Oregon.
I don’t think I fit in the coastal debate,