East Bay: Mr. Dewie's frozen dessert shop now open on Solano Ave!

We discovered Mr. Dewie’s cashew milk-based frozen “ice creams” at Farmer Joe’s/Oakland. A friend was having digestive issues and we brought three flavors over to try. All three were a BIG success with all four of us - and my DH and I are big carnivore/dairy lovers normally.

This is a really high-quality product: creamy-tasting from the nut milk (therefore vegan), high quality natural flavors, and even better, there is very little air beaten into this frozen dessert brand. It makes even Hagan Daz taste thin to us, LOL.

Mr. Dewie is an Oakland native and has become a great little success story. He has just opened his first retail outlet, a small store in Albany, as of March 6th. We love his strawberry and caramel almond flavors, and are looking forward to trying the new orange chocolate chip (my DH is a fanatic about chocolate with orange flavors).

He mentions on his Facebook page that in response to requests, they now have vegan sugar cones, and almost all the baked goods are also vegan (except for the lemon cookie, which contains egg).

Mr. Dewie’s
1116 Solano @Kains, near San Pablo, Albany
Winter hours are currently Sun - Noon to 8p; Mon -Thurs Noon to 9p; and Fri/Sat - Noon to 10p.


Tried this place tonight, and we were impressed! It’s called Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery, and I tried several flavors.

My favorite flavor was the caramel toasted almond. Super creamy consistency (it didn’t seem like it was dairy-free) and great caramel flavor. Chocolate orange was also good, pretty strong on the orange flavor. Plain chocolate was a harder, less creamy texture, and not very sweet. Had a sample of lemon cookie (nice) and the cashew (very cashewy!).

It’s probably the best nut based ice cream I’ve had in a shop (definitely a notch up from Curbside Creamery, which I think is good, both in terms of flavor and texture).

Thanks for the heads up about this place. It was worth the trip from Oakland to try it out.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the update. You can find his ice desserts at Farmer Joe’s stores in the Laurel & Dimond neighborhoods - that’s where we discovered them.

The Dimond store is much bigger and has more selection:
3426 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland 94602
8:30am - 8:30pm Every Day