East Bay Express: Rent Hike May Force Oakland's Genova Delicatessen to Close [Oakland, Temescal]


Hope they can survive, they make really good sandwiches. Have been getting sandwiches and fried artichoke balls from Genova since they were at their previous spot down the block.

We got artichoke and zucchini torta from Genova (old location) for our wedding reception which was forty years ago. Hope they can get this resolved.

This news story caught my eye on my twitter feed simply because I was surprised that there was anywhere in America that spelled “Genova” the same way that the Italians do (rather than Genoa). Long history of the Genovese migrating to the Bay Area to fish anchovies, help with building the cable cars, and making other contributions like wine cultivation and rice-a-roni.

More info:

Looks like Genova is closing on April 30 unfortunately:

I went there this Sunday after hearing about the impending closure around 4:30 and there were over 100 numbers ahead of me, though I think a lot of people left after seeing the wait. I left and came back with my number about an hour later and finally got a sandwich. Italian combo with everything on an onion roll (they had ran out of sweet rolls and a bunch of other things). Was as good as it ever was. Sad to see this place closing.