East Bay Express article on CH; mentions Hungry Onion

Hi all–I didn’t see this posted anywhere else here. Hope it’s not redundant. Hungry Onion mentioned in East Bay Express article: http://www.eastbayexpress.com/WhatTheFork/archives/2015/09/22/chowhound-in-crisis-an-unpopular-redesign-prompts-longtime-users-to-leave-the-food-discussion-website

Yep. It is actually how I found out this place. I can confidently say that without this article, it would have taken me much longer to join here.


We’ve all seen it, but it never gets old.

I’ve been emailing everyone on CH for days who has an addy in their profile, and quietly suggesting certain folks email me if they don’t have one. As long as I don’t post links to other groups, I seem to be getting away with moving folks over, most do respond.

Everyone, please contact all the CHers you have contact info for.

I mentioned Hungry Onion’s web address in a post on CH praising CH’s efforts to make improvements. The post got deleted instantly. Haha. It was obvious what I was doing, but the mods must not have much to do over there for them to get on it that quickly.

I think it’s really interesting how they plead “not enough of us nor resources” to moderate the behaviors hounds asked them to. ETA: Karl S and TVHilton just posted it and it’s been up for several minutes. Wonder how they missed that? I figure by now, they’re reading here to see what folks are up to.

I just replied to TVHilton’s post. We’ll see if they’ll allow encouragement to check out the new site disguised as criticism of it.

It is high priority.
It isn’t like you were cussing or saying stupid things. Those – they can tolerate.
You mentioning an alternative website while CHOWHOUND is undergoing a small revolt is the last thing they can tolerable.

It would be like you reading the Bible out loud in a Mosque or vice versa. Your priest would rather you cuss in the church than for you to preach another religion. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I also found this place because of hat article.

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There’s a second mention too:

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So far that’s the only article I’ve seen mention the fiasco. CH is referenced fairly frequently by food writers so I’m surprised there hasn’t been more coverage. Maybe I’m just not punching in the right search criteria.

Good idea. Stone Soup. I got one here - I will see if I can get email addresses for more!!

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