Dwarf Tomato Project

My next article for Master Gardeners will be on The Dwarf Tomato Project.


The Project started on Gardenweb when two folks on the Tomato Growers subforum felt that crossing heirlooms with the main Dwarf tomato at the time, New Big Dwarf,

could achieve a variety colors, flavors, sizes, and foliage on full sized tomatoes on indeterminate, but manageable 4 foot vines . …

NOT Dwarf project


VS Short internodes, rugose regular and potato leaf93](upload://niDXBmDHT1cU5udNfhRJJCmktn3.jpeg)

Since then, a group of volunteers given space on Tomatoville grew them out until they were stable.

They use terms like “f1”, and refer to the end goal of being open pollinated, and that’s the part I need a reference on. Where can I look for a simple explanation of what I think might be “de-hybridizing”?

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Seedsavers has an article on Seed Saving And Gardening Terms, which might be a place to start.

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Thank you @MunchkinRedux ! Perfect.

Missed these Dwarf seedling cuties