"DUO PATISSERIE & CAFE, Richmond Hill" - A current update......still THE BEST French pastries north of the 401, if not the GTA!

When posting as an active member on the now defunct ’ Chowhound ‘, I was the first food blogger to place this Richmond Hill gem onto Toronto GTA’s culinary map. At that time, upon trying by many, DUO was regarded by the foodie community as ’ hands-down’ BEST French pastry shop north of the 401 if not the GTA!

Today, I decided to pay them a long-overdue in-person re-visit in order to obtain a latest ’ post relaxed Covid policy ’ update. This, so that I could post here and replace all my disappeared Chowhound postings!

To my delight, after 2+ years of pandemic restrictions, Duo’s creative and talent chef/owner plus staff still managed to maintain their products at the same top-notched ’ pre-Covid ’ standard high level! Bravo!

In addition to this feat, DUO also managed to add to their already impressive repertoire!

First and foremost! Great news! One can now add the word ’ Boulangarie ’ to their ’ Patisserie ’ business name. As of today, they will be offering ’ Baguettes '!! - Authentically French with super crunchy crust, chewy interior made from nicely salted dough.

Their already superb Viennoise, sweet and savoury selections are constantly revolving and expanding! Coupled with their impressive array of gorgeously crafted cakes, pastries, cookies and artisan Chocolate hand-made by a Japanese chocolate master, a walk along DUO’s eye-appealing displays closely resembled a stroll along the dessert row of Paris’ Le Grande Epicerie or Galerie Lafayette Gourmet! :yum: :grinning: :+1:

In addition to the new baguettes, pain de chocolat and a few other chocolate pastry delights, I also bought a cute looking ’ Tiramisu Baba’. Interesting and delicious dessert glass laced with yummy booze!

After carrying out a tasting of the above, IMHO, their crown of being THE BEST French pastry shop north of the 401, if not the GTA,

is still solidly intact!