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As many of you may or may not know, I"m not much of a tech guy. Yes I have an i-phone (just upgraded to a 6 since my 5 year old 4S was still on IOS 6, I never upgraded the OS, was starting to have difficulties because of my lack of upgrading.

Anyway…I just wanted to point out a very favorable app I have (thanks go my daughter) which is the Dunkin Donuts phone app. It’s more or less a re-chargeable gift card on your phone, you load it with any amount, similar to a gift card, then your purchases are debit from your account balance. The cool thing about the app though is there are specific discounts and coupons offered just for app customers. The most beneficial for me is for every time you use the app, you get points, once you accumulate 200 points you get a free beverage of choice. I drink large iced coffees and it generally takes me about 10 purchases to reach 200 points…so every week or week and a half I get a free beverage. Not too bad of a deal if you ask me. I figure it’s the equivalent of about 10% purchase reward.

Obviously you have to pre-pay the app so I don’t suggest loading your card with $100. and tying up your money for a month…but I load it with $20 at a clip and I burn through that about once a week, and get my free beverage and other discounts.

Check it out if your a DD addict like myself !!

How does the transaction work? Does the employee need to scan your phone or something?

Correct, you go to the app and click on “pay” and your unique QC code pop’s up and they scan the QC code. I’m not a big tech guy, bit I do believe each QC code is unique to each user. Once your funds are depleted you just reload by scanning the QC code and poof, your balance is increased. It honestly is both useful and cost saving with the discounts you get as a user.

I saw someone use it last night and thought of this thread. Sadly, I don’t think it’d save money for me as it would kill data to use the app. I’ve been running out crazy fast since I installed iOS 9. But cool if you have a more generous plan.

Actually here are a couple of tips for you. 1.) It won’t “kill” data because you are on the app for literally seconds. 2.) The DD where I buy my coffee has free wifi (obviously this varies by location) but you can check yours 3.) You can actually load the page at home…so your QC code is downloaded so when you get there you just click the app, when it pops up the QC code is already pre-loaded. 4.) I have not done this, but they have told me this works at my DD when I have connection issues with their WIFI, because the QC code is unique to your account, you can take a picture of your screen when the QC code is up, then you can just go into your saved pictures, without ever activating the app and they can scan off the picture of your QC code. The only problem with this is…if your balance is low, your balance won’t update, because your not actually in the app itself, so if you only have $1.00 left in your account and you go to charge a $3.00 drink, then obviously you are going to be short $2.00. But if you check your balance at home via wifi problem solved!!

Besides the bonus points I mentioned, you also get exclusive discounts just for App users. An example of current Offers available on my phone right now
$ .99 Medium Hot or Iced Dark Road Coffee
$1.99 Meduim hot or iced espresso beverage
$.99 Any sized iced tea
$1.99 Any sized Ice coffee

Also the day after any Giants or Jets (I’m in NJ) win, any medium iced or hot coffee is just $ .25 !!! Only for the day following their victory!

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Thanks, guy. I’ll check it out when my data issue is under control. Something has been stealing its soul since I “upgraded” and I can’t figure out what the issue is yet. Good tips here–appreciate it.

You are welcome, I’m actually working towards a reputation around here as more than just a pretty face. I think over on the “other” site people didn’t take me seriously because, well, I"m gorgeous. lol

Just a FYI when you mentioned your data problems with IOS 9 I remember reading an article on this. Perhaps this will help. I myself have not upgraded yet.


To stay somewhat on topic, I like jelly donuts.

Yeah, after two sessions of rapid data depletion, pretty much all my settings are turned OFF now. And, of course, I’m afraid to even touch my phone outside the house. Hoping it helps!

Oh, and in case anyone cares, my very favorite is Boston Cream but they’re superior at Neil’s Donuts in Wallingford, CT. On its best day, DD can’t touch Neil’s. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Dunkin Donuts jumped the shark from Donut shop to coffee house when they stopped baking their donuts in house and switched to the centralized baking and distribution plan if you ask me. There has been a significant rise in independent donut chains in the Central Jersey area, most are better than Dunkin.

So what keeps you running on Dunkin’–just curious? Is it the convenience of knowing there is usually one within a softball’s throw of wherever you are? :slight_smile: I do like their coffee. Maybe you should fuel up on DD cawfee and do a serious donut crawl among the indies? Just a happy thought.

Yes I’m 100% DD coffee person. Large Iced Coffee year round, unless temps here in the North East drop to below freezing, then I can’t do the iced coffee I switch to hot. I cannot STAND Starbucks…the closest second for me would be Wa-Wa has decent coffee.

Cumby (Cumberland Farms) has decent coffee, too, in case that’s not on your radar. Shameless confession, I dig their flavored creamers (“sweet cream” is one).

HA, did you still have Wa-Wa (up there with silliest names EVAH)? Ours changed to Krauszer’s, which sounds plain angry. Anywhooo, thanks again. Enjoy your cawfee.

What? You’re are in Connecticut correct? That’s crazy…both Cumberland Farm (Cumby) and Krauszer’s are pratcially out of business in NJ and Wawa is popping up on almost every corner. Especially the gas and store Wawa combinations, they have abandoned the stand alone store model and are only doing fuel and convenience now.

Side note: The founder of Krauszer’s stores was from my hometown and recently passed away at the age of 90+,

It must be a regional thing. All the Cumbys around here have been renovated–a bright, new look replete with funky outdoor umbrellas for that bistro/patio touch, even when attached to a gas station. Kinda funny, huh?! And yeah, all our back-in-the-day Wawas turned to Krauszer’s. Go fig!

Katty - have you turned off the Wi-Fi Assist button? It’s under Cellular, wayyy at the very end of the list of apps. Sadly, iOS9 also just uses more data, I think.

Back to the topic, this sounds similar to the Starbucks app? Can you add the DD app/card to the Wallet section of your iPhone?

I’m sorry I do not know the answer to your question, I do not utilize the “wallet” section of my Iphone. Sorry!

Yes, and thank you (re turning off Wi-Fi Assist)! Nice to see you here, kt! :slight_smile: No idea on the wallet biz, tho’.

It’s one of the only fast-food apps I’ve found consistently useful, and it’s very easy to earn points towards free drinks in just a few visits. I don’t think you can add it to the Wallet as it uses its own QR code system for payments.

Over the weekend I was looking for something in my spam folder and I saw this email from DD regarding my app/rewards program. I’ve noticed these emails before but it shows you the “rewards” I’ve earned. As you can see I’ve earned 26 free beverages (but I have 2 unclaimed) so a total of 28 free beverages since joining in February. At $3.20 per large iced coffee 28 X 3.20 = $89.60 in free beverages over 8 mos. So for the year that will work out to about $134.40 in free coffee!! Hey I’ll take that and I do !!! I’m serious if you “Run on Dunkin” like I do, you have to get this app.

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