Dunkin Donuts is dropping Donuts..............

From it’s name at least. Not sure I agree with this move…(although I am a die hard coffee fan of theirs)


But without doughnuts, how can one dunk?

Of course they will still have doughnuts, just sayin’ “dunkin’” alone doesn’t make sense. You don’t dunk coffee, you dunk into coffee.

Are they trying to not be associated with deep fried sugary carbs, or what? Kind of funny, because doughnuts are having such a renaissance, at least on the West coast. Some of them are gluten free and vegan, possibly even baked, but still not shying away from being doughnuts.

This is analogous to Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC. Nominally, they could claim that once they began offering grilled breast sandwiches, the original name became inaccurate, but that’s not fooling anyone. Fried is now a dirty word, and so is donut. Not that we’ve stopped eating them. :doughnut:


Donut revival here too.

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How ridiculous.

Funny but here on the East Coast/NY area I heard a radio advertisement for them yesterday, with this article in mind I paid closer attention, they do in fact refer to them selves simple as Dunkin. It seems the trend probably started a couple years ago with their “America Runs on Dunkin” campaign. It has trained us to recognize the brand by Dunkin alone.

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almost ri_dunk_ulous



I wish I was that quick and clever🤡

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No love lost here. I hate their coffee with a passion unparalleled, and generally think you’re better off with a box from a grocery store or doughnut from the coffee cart guys.
The customers who want to find them will, regardless of the rediculous name changing


LIke Ttrock, I’m not a fan of Dunks (or Charbucks) coffee. I see the lines of cars at local stores and mini-marts that have a DD inside, and I wonder “Why not just make the coffee at home and put it in a travel mug?” (if they’re heading out to work, that is)

As for their name change, time will tell. Many people just call it Dunks in the New England area anyway. Should have changed it to that vs. Dunkin, if they’re going to make any change.

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