Dunkin' Donuts dropping Donuts...................

from it’s name!?!?!?

While overall I think this is a nothing-burger story, the re-branding does confuse me a bit though. The name use to reflect the fact that their traditional donut was made to be enjoyed while dunked into your coffee. In fact they were made with a little handle to facilitate this. So the re-brand of just Dunkin’ leaves me wondering, what are you dunkin’?

Federal Express “fed ex” , United parcel service " UPS", Kentucky fried chicken “KFC”, ON and ON. Today everyone must be too busy or unable to say a full name, or maybe this all started with “FDR”.

Sure if they switched to D&D that would make perfect sense. Just leaving a verb as the name is a bit odd (or strikes me as such), with any of the examples cited it would become Federal - United - Kentucky etc.


The Shack - because we all aspire to spend our hard earned dough for merchandise from a shack?

Last desperate attempt by Radio Shack to stay relevant in a time way beyond vacuum tubes and transistors.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr