Dumpling King - Houston

I’ve mentioned this place before, but it might have been on another board.

(It was.)

It’s just off the corner at Westheimer and Voss/Hillcroft.

It’s a tiny family run place that has been there as long as I can remember - at least twenty five years. (My memory really does go back more than 25 years. Jus’ sayin’.)

Lately, I’ve been hitting it once every week or so for a terrific light lunch consisting of a bowl of enhanced egg drop soup and a dumpling sampler. Let me 'splain:

You can get “Egg Drop Soup” which is good. Or you can get Chicken Corn Egg Soup which is egg drop soup with chicken and corn. Truth in advertising and all that. The bowl is about three or four times the size of the usual “cup of soup” that accompanies most Americanized Chinese restaurant lunch combos. You know you what I mean. Throw in a few drops of their chili oil and it’s great bowl o’ soup.

But when you style yourself “Dumpling King”, they better be good and they are. They make a handful or so different dumplings: pork, pork and shrimp, chicken, beef, veggie and I don’t know what else. All are available steamed or pan fried.

Of course, they’re served with all of the usual and customary condiments, the aforementioned chili oil, (on request), a green pepper paste, garlic, vinegar, soy. They also serve the usual lunch combos, but I haven’t had any of those in years. I usually get a six or ten piece variety with different dumplings. So so good.

Mine are usually pan fried but I get steamed often enough to maintain my amateur status. A bowl of that soup and six dumplings makes for a great light lunch.

This place is in the same shopping center as Biryani Pot, another terrific lunch spot. I’ll do a more in depth report on that the next time I go. I love that place as well.

Let’s eat!

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I see a picture on Yelp and menu listing for ‘Steamed Pork Purses’ - aka Soup Dumplings? Described by the poster as ‘very brothy.’ Verrry innaresting.

Nope, not soup dumplings.

I popped in there for a quick light lunch and had the Wonton Soup and Steamed Pork and Crab Purses. They were very good, but they’re not soup dumplings. Sorry.

I really love that place tho’.