[Dulles Airport] Eateries open until 8pm

Coming from Maryland I-95S, around 495, to Dulles. I make this trip at least 5 times a year. Any recommendations for bakeries, carry out, dine in, etc along that route would be appreciated. A lot of times I am there in the evening, so places with late closing times would be a bonus. Thanks.

The one time our ride to Dulles involved a stop to eat on the way, it was Mark’s Duck House in Falls Church.

There are so many great choices for outstanding food in Chantilly, Herndon, and Sterling. First this a a huge tech corridor that has attracted so many people form the subcontinent, that it’s an embarrassment of riches.
My favorite dish is the set dosai vadacurry at Chennai express in Chantilly. Staying in Chantilly, you can get the fried ribs, dongbei style steamed dumplings, and mung bean noodle salad at Dumpling Queen.

In Herndon, the ghee pongal at A2B is dreamy as is the okra curry. There is also a very good and large Afghan market in Herndon, Madina, where there are many snacks, breads, and desserts for sale.

In Sterling, Rupa Vira’s The Signature has some unique Gujurati specitalies including undhiyu and lilva kachori. Both excellent. Also Sterling has the area’s best remaining Burmese place, A Taste of Burma. You can’t go wrong focusing on the salads.

These are the best of the best, but of course so many others abound.

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Thanks. Stopped at Madina, let’s see how it goes. This shopping center even has a MOM’s. I thought that was Maryland only. Will probably stop by there, too.

Edit: some items don’t even have ingredients in English, always fun!

My single favorite item there is a jar of bergamot preserves.

Wish I saw your comment before I left. It was hard to tell what was stocked recently and what had been sitting on the shelves for a while.

Thunderstorm from hell, two hours back to Baltimore. VA state law to turn on hazards in the rain?

My haul. Round flatbreads are baked there. I saw them making the dough and confirmed. They only offer savory, sweets come in from somewhere else. Kid working there could not elaborate on the sweets, said he prefers chocolate. Halal butchers that make sausages and beef patties like this are hard to find in Baltimore. They had a real meat grinder. Seems like a small thing, but halal butchers near me have the worst grinders, like food processing your meat. Excited to try everything, thanks for the rec. Want to try others recs and also spots in that same shopping center.

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Looks like you did very well for yourself. They also have a saffron honey which is quite special and a coffee with cardamom. Often I can find a large round, slightly sweet bread from Bakhtar bakery which is nearby in Chantilly. Many delights, hard to go wrong here.