Dudley Chateau ("The Chat") [Cochituate MA]

We wanted to do something new-to-us this past Sunday. “The Chat” was B’s choice and it was a good one. I’m sure it’s well-trodden ground (there’s a Phantom Gourmet sticker in one of the windows) but we didn’t care and, frankly, it wasn’t about the food, but we loved the atmosphere. (Incidentally, we had well-prepared versions of steak tips, ridiculously loaded-up potato skins, housemade chicken tenders for spring onion, fries.)


i had one of the top 3 haddock sandwiches ever on my last visit - great place impossible to find.

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Amazed and happy to see that place is still
around. I am a fan of old timey places that possess what I like to call texture. I should remember to post about spots like this when I find them.