Duck Donuts

NJ location though I understand DD can be found in other areas. First timer who usually finds donuts either disappointing or smothered in nonsense. I was very happy with a warm out of the kitchen donut sanded in a nice but not crazy mix of cinnamon sugar. The lemon dipped raspberry drizzle was not at all overly sweet and the blueberry sans icing was amazing. Just the right size too.

I will def be back for party stacks.

Ever had the pleasure?


I’ve had Duck Donuts in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. I appreciate they are frying on location like Dunkin Donuts did way back when, but ultimately not for me.

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I consider a donut a splurge since my sweet tooth comes in waves. My wife would never crave one. But for those inclined to check out Duck Donuts I am happy to recommend them.

For those talented HOs making homemade donuts as you described ( and they sound like fun to make) perhaps a new topic would be better. This topic was intended to highlight the Duck Donut shops.

Thxs, Rooster

That night, we cut each donut into four pcs and made a tray of bites. Maple bacon, lemon raspberry and blueberry were the favorites. Something called Beach Ball loaded with colored sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate I couldnt even consider.

Its def a sugar bomb experience. I like a warm donut on the fly so it has that going for it.

Since you are in NJ, have you tried Broad Street Donuts in Long Branch (maybe Oakhurst?) I don’t know if they make the donuts to order but I did get them once still warm and that was a delightful experience.

There is a spot in the Catskills that we go to sometimes makes donuts to order. Quite a treat:

No I haven’t but the next time we are in LB, I will try to stop by. Thxs.