Dublin Eats and Drinks ?'s

Hi People. I am missing the old Chowhound! Looking for any and all suggestions for dining or drinking in Dublin.
Many Thanks!

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With the caveat that it’s been too long since touching down in Dublin, here are a couple venerable names that were thriving well before our first visit:


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There’s lot of great dining in Dublin. Many of the popular restaurant will require advance reservation.

Let me know what cuisine’s do you like, what areas will you be in and I’ll let you have a couple of suggestions.

The places I visited a decade ago closed over the last 3 years.

This place looks good! https://www.thelittlekitchen.ie/menu

The eater 38 list for Dublin has a lot of solid options.

Maybe it’s very touristy now but when we went eons ago in 2010, we were both charmed by The Winding Stair — the atmosphere, food, and the staff. We went for Sunday lunch and it felt very much like a locals’ place.

It was our first and only time in Ireland. It was such a great trip. After experiencing only kitschy, faux Irish pubs in Boston, we were so pleasantly surprised by the food throughout the country. The freshest oysters paired with Guinness was a revelation.

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Mind you my one and only visit to Dublin was in 2007, but I looked up the bar I remember from that visit and it’s still around: The Porterhouse Temple Bar. Great selection of beers & whisky.

The reason I remember it so vividly is bc it was my first night there, joining my PIC who’d left a day earlier for a conference. The conference hotel was near the university, about a 25 min bus ride out of town.

I ordered a red ale for my first beverage and, grabbing it, proceeded to spill the entire pint over my crotch :roll_eyes:

After much pondering whether to take the damn bus back to the hotel and change, I decided to sit it out and pour some more beer.


Among too many choices, we remember this bar for its name:


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