Dublin chef tells gluten-fakers where to go

http://www.today.com/health/gluten-free-diet-cafe-s-post-demanding-doctor-s-note-t102593 I kinda love this guy!

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I love this…

Nutritionists want people to know that a gluten-free diet isn’t always healthier. Gluten-free cookies, for example, aren’t more nutritious or lower in calories than regular cookies. And then there is portion control.

"Just because you think that something is healthier doesn’t mean you can eat five servings of it,” said Julie Andrews, R.D. with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who has a number of gluten-free patients.<<

Common sense isn’t common.

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I feel for people with legit gluten issues who have to get the eye rolls because everyone and their dog is asking for gluten free stuff.

I understand people who want to follow specific diets but you shouldn’t expect the restaurant to bend over backwards for you just because you think “the customer is always right.”

I can’t have chilis. My mouth swells and everything goes downhill. I like Indian and thai flavours but don’t bother eating in those types of restaurants because there is very little that I can eat. We go to Mexico often and I avoid chilis and miss out on a lot of different dishes as result but there are still all kinds of things I can eat. I certainly don’t expect the chef to make me a Chili free version of Chili-relaneos (sp?) or request that I be made a chili free ceviche.

There are so many restaurants now that cater to gluten free, why not dine at one of those.


I’ve seen this a few times and loved it!

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Well, not in Mexico, but a ceviche could certainly be made with spices and herbs other than chillis.

I met someone not long ago who is convinced that every human is gluten intolerant. I do have actual food intolerance issues - mostly cow’s milk - I had a potentially lethal allergy to cow’s milk as a child and as a result it still causes me nasty (but not dangerous) digestive issues. Fortunately I tolerate goat’s and ewe’s milk cheeses and yoghurt with no problem. The last thing on earth I want to do is imagine food allergies or intolerances I don’t have! It was horrible to be seriously allergic to cow’s milk in the postwar era, as it was a symbol of postwar prosperity and nobody believed in allergies, little lagatta was just being difficult, as usual. Little lagatta wound up in the school nurse’s office, red-faced and gasping.

Many of the substitutes for quality breads and pastas for the gluten-intolerant are higher in calories and dietary sugars.


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