DT San Mateo Restaurants open on Xmas day - Chinese preferred

I’m looking for Chinese primarily, anything not spicy. Probably doing dinner/movie. I haven’t eaten at any of the Chinese restaurants there and could easily find something else if no good recs turn up.

Thanks and happy holidays!

I’m jealous!

With the caveat I don’t know holiday hours:

  • Champagne Restaurant for Cantonese seafood
  • two suggestions I haven’t eaten at— Spicy Heaven has a variety of Beijing style pancakes, dumplings and other non-spicy items. I’ve heard good things about Noodles & Things

Chinese places should be open. Just call them during lunch to confirm.

Shihlin if you want Taiwanese g-pie (fried chicken). Has anyone been to Hu Tong Jiang Bing or Noodleosophy?

There’s also a bunch of hot pot places there.

I figured they would all be open, just need a little intel on what’s good. Last year I walked around (after eating dinner at home) and saw all the Asian places were crowded.

I did a Google map search and any websites that existed and made a short list based on type/region. But I don’t want to waste my money guessing on where to go.

Thanks for the response.

I’m not sure what you’re jealous about but hey, I’ll take it.

BTW I looked at Champagne Seafood’s website and it’s entirely in Chinese, very little in English. That would make me feel uncomfortable going there but maybe I’m being overly sensitive about that.

They definitely cater to the banquet crowd.

Thanks for the response and rec.