Driving down Westheimer today [Houston Texas]

Beer nation is now open. It’s in front of Trader Joes near Kirkwood.

There’s a Corvette gathering at the Fox and Hound.

Café Pita + is now closed.

Torchy’s Tacos is now open next to Whole Foods where the Blackeyed Pea used to live.

It sure is a beautiful day.

Let’s eat!

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Indeed it is! Went looking for a brunch and found one at Urban Kitchen on Memorial @ Kirkwood. Might try it again for a burger or salad. It was just okay. Where did you eat?

I guess the Galleria Cafe Pita remains open.

Corvettes? We had a Lamborghini meet up in our parking lot two weeks ago.

I saw then shining as i went down Westheimer what beauty’s. I will be going to HEB in a bit and will be looking for Some S&P.

I went to TJ’s yesterday to pick up two of my repeat purchases - the sourdough sandwich bread and butter ghee - and though Beer Nation has a big “Now Open” sign, there were no cars in the lot and a sign on the door that said “No Trespassing.” It may be yet another uphill struggle and downhill ending for this location. That far west end of Westheimer is showing good signs of coming back from an age of tacky though so I’ll pull for it.

Looks like Halal Guys is opening in the old VertsKebap space on Westheimer just east of Kirkwood.

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Saw Beer Nation on Channel 2 News tonight. Open what, 3 weeks? Haven’t paid employees.

I read the Channel 2 online story and it said the company is new and the Michigan based owners have never owned a restaurant, a recipe for disaster. Look for them on Kitchen Nightmares.

There is good news, the checks are in the mail and “everyone will be paid, hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday.” I hope they get paid.

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I went to Trader Joe’s today, and saw this.

Not shocked. I never saw more than three cars there.

Probably employee cars if they could afford gas after getting stiffed out of their cheques.

More Beer Nation courtesy of the Houston Press.