Dried Chiles in SF


Hi HO! Hope you all are having a lovely day :slight_smile:

Any ideas where to find the highest quality and/or widest variety of dried chiles (morita, chipotle, ancho, pasilla, arbol, etc.) in the city of SF? I often use them in recipes, and could use a reliable source!

Thanks all


Casa Lucas on 24th usually has about six to eight types in the bulk bins. Ancho, negro, guajillo, arbol, and a few others I can’t remember now. While you’re on that block you’ll probably want to check the selection at La Palma. I’m only a novice with cooking with dried chiles so can’t speak to quality, but I imagine these two have decent turnover in their stock.


Thanks for the idea! This was my first thought, and it’s always nice to hit up La Palma for their tortillas as well.

I just remembered Spice Ace, an independent spice shop on Steiner. They have an impressive selection online, so I might go check them out, too.

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My first thought also was La Palma. Probably far cheaper than an independent spice shop.


Of course! But I am happy to pay for variety and quality


As mentioned above, Casa Lucas will have most of the chilies used in Latin American cuisine. Rainbow Grocery also has a wonderful bulk spice section that has many different dried chilies and chili powders. I should also mention Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland, where I’ve seen some more esoteric and superhot dried chilies.