DRIED BEANS/LEGUMES (or canned) - Your favorite recipes / applications?


I’m at stage 4 CKD. My nephrologist is also my dietician, but she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m flying by the seat of my pants on my dietary choices based on my metabolic panels.


There are a lot of registered dietitians here; in the audience and teaching. Kidney disease has mostly been mentioned in the context of excessive protein intake, and maybe controlling the amount of salt in your cooking. Eye opening stuff about protein intake in the US.


I’m anemic and so I’m mostly advised to eat meat . Sounds like they’re talking about prevention and not what to do for the already ill.
CKD is interesting in that it is pretty much irreversible and so the challenge is to not get worse. Easier said than done.
I’ve succeeded in staying off dialysis for 5 years after ending up at the ER with a 0 GFR.


Good for you!:grinning:

Actually they are showing slides of cases where disease has been reversed, but not kidney disease.
I’m supposed to put this on a different thread but…

PS Someone near and dear to me has chronic proteinuria.



Thank you for taking the time to share with us… and keep in mind that each of us has a new secret source of specific knowledge!


I do that too - either pumpkin or sweet potatoes! The combo has a nice affinity for Caribbean flavors.


We added pureed beans to thicken a Caesar dressing, in place of eggs the other day. I thought it was in place of oil, but turns out more olive oil appears to be better, at least according to the Mediterranean diet. .



That’s very clever use of beans! I used to make a lazy salad dressing by mixing hummus with some lemon juice and a tiny splash of water or whatever plant milk i had on hand which makes for a great super fast dressing

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What sort of beans do you like to use for this?


Made this last night: https://food52.com/recipes/25865-pasta-e-ceci-pasta-with-chickpeas It’s a favorite

I also love https://food52.com/recipes/31876-judy-rodgers-lentils-braised-in-red-wine usually serve with salmon, but eat leftovers for lunch on their own.

I also make a lot of clear out the veg bin minestrone soups.


We all really like Vivian Howard’s Butterbean Burger recipe. I use Wegman’s frozen butterbeans, but I’m guessing baby limas would be just fine. It does take a bit more work than a lot of veggie burger recipes due to caramelizing onions and roasting garlic, but has a lot of flavor from cumin, smoked paprika and chipotle powder. I probably use about half of the roasted garlic puree, just eyeballing it after roasting a head or two. They freeze beautifully for several months.


I looked at recipe.
can I use white rice instead of brown rice?
I hate to buy another kind of rice.
I have some jasmine rice when I want to use ti for fried rice but usually use red kokuho medium grain rice, if I can use this I would give it a try


I’ve made her butter bean burger before. Very tasty


ccj, I’m sure you could. I think the primary role of the rice is to bind it together.




These sound awesome…! I’ve not seen frozen butterbeans before, I’m thinking canned would probably work fine.
Good to see this is one of the rare veg burger recipes that has you chill the mix before cooking- most seem to skip that step and then comments invariably mention how they fall apart. Something about letting the mix chill and rest really helps everything stick together