Dr. Pepper Milkshake Whataburger Houston

The power went out this morning in the middle of cooking breakfast, electric stove. After staring at each other and the flowers on the patio for over an hour we bolted for Whataburger.

It was very good. Ice cream and Dr. Pepper, what can go wrong? The dreaded limited time only of course.


Speaking of a WB breakfast, my kitchen smelled just like WB this morning. I usually buy JD or Owens breakfast sausage depending on price. But last week all that was available was WB sausage. .75 cents more so no wonder.
Always liked a BOB. And WB Mayo is for sale at my local Spring Market. $5.99 for what name brands go for $3.49 in regular supermarkets. Can’t imagine anyone paying that but…

A funny story:

  • Years ago, when my mother came to visit I took her to WB. Everything was Whata this & Whata that. After awhile she turned to me with a confused look on her face and said…I just want a burger.:grinning:

We had Jimmy Dean on the stove for about two minutes before the power went out. It’s warm down here and we took a cool ride in the car and grabbed a shake.

It took seven hours for the A/C to cool the place off.

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