Dr Funk [sj san pedro]

On a whim, went to San Jose to try the new tiki revival place Dr Funk near San Pedro square.

Tl;dr - like, worry about long term viability

I tend not to go to that block of San Jose. Sports bars, drunk students. I do like 71 st Peter, but have only have been for lunch.

As someone who seeks out a good tiki bar, this place has everything but the patina of longevity. The drinks are well done. The bartenders are young and a little fresh but mix will well enough. The kitchen is very good. The founding exec chef is from Bywater, and the attention to detail shows, such as the offhand brilliance
of the slaw as part of the chicken sandwich. Chicken skewers punched well above weight class.

My only bone to pick with them is the size. The place feels big. Smugglers in sf, forbidden in alameda, places in both Chicago and melbourne… Tiki always has an intimacy.

Otoh, tables mean money, and there are a bunch of nice booths to linger, and an outside area. If the place gets a following, the extra space should give them good economics.

I wish them all the best, and they are now on the short list. Find me at the left side of the bar.

Long term viability? Feels like pearls before swine. I hope San Jose can appreciate the quality of the drinks, and they still exist as a fixture ten years from now.

My other favored spots in San Jose are:

Poor house bistro, because the best live music and food is actually better after they moved the house. They will relocate to behind henrys hi life, i hope the music vibe is the same - very temporary and vibrant at the old location till google takes the tbird away,

Pettiscos, because the casual offspring of a michelin 2star is always the best. Get the flaming choriso and the sardines and gizzards and the cocktails are well mixed if you don’t order fancy. No paper planes.

Haberdasher, although they have very bad ventilation post pandemic and no outdoors.


Finally today a note in the Merc that Stritch is officially not coming back. It’s being replaced, however, by Mama Kin which will be run by the old general manager and still book jazz. Can’t wait to show up!