Downtown Detroit / Shake Shack invades

Love Shake Shack. Wish we had it out here.


There are a couple in the Los Angeles area (Hollywood, West Hollywood, Glendale, and Century City) if you ever head south.


I’ve been to Shake Shack in both NYC and Florida, and it’s fine…but it absolutely SHOULD NOT be called “Shake Shack”. I find their shakes to be functional at best, and lousy at worst. The one I had in NYC was functional; the one I had in Florida was so lousy I had to return it and get my money back, which they did without any problem.

I have to say: even though they don’t provide grilled onions (even if you ask!), it’s a darned tasty burger. I think it’s a bit expensive, but burgers in general seem to be that way a lot more these days. It’s a pretty yummy version, though. Fries, too, are better than average.

I guess that’s why I’m confused about the name. With their burgers/fries being their strong suit, why name the place after your weakest point? I understand that it’s kind of a catchy, alliterative name, but they’re putting the emphasis on the wrong thing, IMHO. With that said, I think it’s a better alternate to the ho-hum-ness that is Five Guys.

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The original location in madison square park was the first spot in nyc to make a custard style “milkshake” which was one of their initial pushes as to what made them different and destination worthy were these super thick custards in changing flavors.
I can’t say as to what has changed there with their expansion nationwide but initially it was a draw since there are certainly plenty of spots to get a good burger in nyc

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Custard? REALLY??? Like I said, the one in New York City was functional, but certainly not what I’d consider to be a good/great milkshake…but it was certainly imbibe-able, and on a hot summer day, it did its job. I can believe that one was made with custard, though that’s probably part-and-parcel of my problem with the thing: to me, a proper milkshake is make with hand-dipped vanilla ice cream, not custard. Having said that, you go to a place named “Shake Shack”, you’ve gotta try the shake. Mandatory.

The one in Florida, though? It was stinking gritty. And I mean that…there was grit in that thing, and it was nothing shy of terrible. Back it went after about two spoons’ worth. Fair is fair: the burger and fries were both very good, and I wasn’t mad about the whole thing, especially considering that they had no problem refunding my ~$6 terrible shake. In the end, I was fed, and had quality food that made me happy.

But really: the shakes I’ve had make me wonder who in their right mind would name the place after them.

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It’s just called frozen custard since it’s made with eggs- this style of ice cream and milkshakes is popular in the midwest, (i want to say danny meyer is from the midwest? Not sure) a thicker richer base than just the milk/cream and sugar usually used for ice cream.
I don’t doubt you had a crummy one in florida, but if/when you’re in nyc go to the madison sq park location and have one there. It’s good stuff.

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