Douglass Williams (Mida) Named One of Food & Wine’s 10 Best New Chefs in America [Boston, MA]

This is very cool. Who has eaten here and what did you think? I went once to meet a friend on their all you can eat pasta night and it was packed and you couldn’t hear yourself think so we said we’d come back another night (they were super sweet about it) and we walked over to SRV. Need to get back there, it was very attractive and the menu looks great.


I’m always dubious about these lists. I’ve eaten at Mida once. It was fine but the proof is in the wallet and we have returned to SRV multiple times since and not since considered Mida as an option for similar cuisine in the same area. Nothing was wrong with Mida per se, but there was also nothing memorable about it. My experience was that it was another good Italian restaurant, of which Boston has many. Not to belabor the comparison, but SRV offers something a bit unique. I just prefer the food and atmosphere.

Hopefully you will be able to try it first hand soon.