Dough Artisan Pizzeria - Caldwell, NJ

We went to Dough Artisan Pizzeria for the first time Friday night. They supposedly use locally sourced ingredients for their pizza. They use a wood burning oven. They have a very young, but friendly staff. They also have a huge backyard which seems to have more seats than they have indoors. We couldn’t take advantage of the outdoor dining due to the rain.
We started off sharing 3 appetizers. The 1st one was zucchini crisps with a nice spicy smoked chili pepper dipping sauce.

We also had some nice pillowy soft meatballs

Our final appetizer was wild caught Gulf shrimp with quinoa, asparagus, crispy kale, & garlic, in a spring herb dressing. It was very good.

For our main course we had 2 pizzas. Their individual pizzas are pretty huge (6 slices). I’m used to getting a smaller 4 slice pizza. We probably could have shared one. Anyway we had plenty of leftover pizza. I asked for both pizzas to be cooked extra crispy. I had the braised Berkshire BBQ pork (from River Bend Farms) pizza with housemade BBQ, leeks, & mozzarella. This was very tasty. The BBQ pork was very good and the crust had a nice char to it. The middle of both pizzas were a little soft though (probably from all of the ingredients on top of them).

Mrs. P had the locally sourced mushroom pizza, with fontina, ricotta, and truffle oil. She added additional toppings of sausage and pepperoni. This was also pretty tasty. The truffle oil added a nice touch, but was not overpowering.

Overall this was pretty good. I would recommend it if you are in the neighborhood, but it is not worth a special trip up North. I’m sure there are plenty good pizza places in Central NJ.


In Caldwell

I agree…Dough definitely wasn’t bad, but it’s no A Mano (back in the day)! I wasn’t as wowed as my friends are, but since I’m living in Asbury Park where we have a plethora of excellent pizza options, I can’t complain. I did enjoy my meal there, but if I’m that close to Chengdu 23, that’s where you’ll find me when I’m up north!