Dough and Arrow

Food trends come and go, the cupcake episodes throughout the nation, bacon everything, froyo, et al. However, the cookie stays on trend always.

In comes Orange County’s own Dough and Arrow, specializing in small batch cookies. It is located on Paularino and Bristol in the old Duke Bakery location (same shopping center as Anjin) and within walking distance to Mitsuwa Marketplace.

I tried six different flavors, and all were good to great. What makes them superior is the texture, which in my humble opinion is near cookie perfection. Of all the flavors tried, the sea salt chocolate chip was insanely good. I mean, we are talking right up there with Proof Bakery in Atwater as the best chocolate chip good in the greater Los Angeles area. Yeah I said it.

The cookies are baked very thin, so the bottom and exterior have an excellent crispness to them. But the center is chewy and gooey, which is something I personally covet in a cookie. There must be some secret ratio of ingredients and cooking technique to this outcome with such a thin cookie. The interior is just cookie, like a medium rare but more closer to rare if we are talking steaks.

My favorites were their ever popular creme brûlée, with the burnt sugar and shattering crispy topping and the sea salt chocolate chip, which rivals that of Proof, which has been the classic gold standard for me. Of yeah, the creme brûlée has a cream filling so the center is quite luscious.

If you are in the nearby vicinity, go ahead and stop in for some cookies as they are definitely worth it. They also serve ca phe sua da and other drinks and cookie dough.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip


That creme brulee almost looks like it has eggs on it.

Gave me these sinister ideas of what a cookie could possibly be.

Dan tat cookie?

I was thinking more Cadbury Egg, personally…

I was thinking more like a dessert Katchapouri.

As to an egg tart cookie, Sunmerry Bakery is offering a bobo infused egg tart.

apologies for the bad picture

I have actually had that boba concoction and it was just as it sounds.

Hm… Boba with egg tart? Was it any good? :thinking: It sounds like too much carbs. :sweat_smile: