Double Zero Pizza ... 103 Rte 46 W Fairfield, NJ

I love a great pizzeria!
DH frequently has lunch at Double Zero when he is in the Fairfield area.
He has been raving about how great their food is for a long time. We rarely agree on
what we think is good so I just ignored him … that is until he brought home half a meat ball hero.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise … this thing was delicious. A giant meatball made with a combination veal, beef and pork topped with a perfectly balanced house made tomato sauce and house made mozzarella tucked into excellent pizza dough bread redolent with the flavor of good olive oil. This sandwich blew my mind. I am on a mission to get there for dinner, hopefully next time I am in NJ.

pictured below a piece of the MB sandwich
One of DH’s lunches, mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto and the meat ball sandwich that he texted to me ( I’ve created a monster)
Another shot of meat ball

Wow that looks delicious! Yum! :smile:


DH had lunch at Double zero today and bought home half his meatball sandwich for me :slight_smile:
It could feed four people easily

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