Dot Coffee Shop - Houston

it’s been about 30 years since I stopped at Dot. They remodeled it since I was last there. :joy: Making an airport drop at Hobby today and stopped in for lunch. They serve breakfast all day in massive portions still. They have a daily meat and three veg special, two of which you see here below, the chicken fried chicken and the pork chops and gravy. I bet there’s nowhere else in town that you can get rice and gravy as a veggie side. Or that even has rice and gravy on the menu. I don’t think I’ll stay away for that long again, I’ve been advised to try the cheeseburger.

Still open 24/7.


You can enjoy rice and gravy with your Luby’s rectangular fish. We went to Dot’s a couple of years ago and it was good but it’s quite a drive for us.

I worked in outside sales from 1985-90 and on the unfortunate days when my boss did a ride along we would meet there.

They had a nice bank of pay phones, a must for any outside sales guy.

Another good phone place was Denny’s for lots of phones but one time I was at the one just outside of NASA making an appointment and when I got back in the car the radio announced the Challenger had just exploded.

It hit that community hard.


We always had rice and gravy with pork chops.
Now I know it was my dad’s Texas upbringing.
I still love it but most (American)places don’t serve rice these days.


I’ve made rice with gravy within the last week with smothered round steak. A family favorite.

What’s in the little paper cup in the middle of the second plate?

Mama’s Cafe always had rice and gravy. I still miss that place and as the building has sat fallow since it closed…(what 10 years ago?)… it’s just a sad reminder every time I pass by.

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I’m told it was cranberry sauce which was a head scratcher. There was rice under the pork chops as it turned out. I thought rice and gravy was more Louisiana fare, but I’m on board with it!