Doro Soul Food in Shaw, DC

This place is carry-out only, or at least until the pandemic is over. They offer two kinds of chicken, fried and grilled. Both feature Ethiopian-influenced spices, hence the name of the place (as in"doro wat.").

You can get greens or coleslaw as sides along with some cornbread. We also ordered a side of “doro” mac n’ cheese which comes with a spiced breadcrumb topping.

Both chickens are great. The grilled (we ordered dark meat) is tremendously juicy. The fried (got a 1/2 chicken) was golden brown and delicious. The breast piece, though, was small, probably only a half of a breast. Super crunchy.

Another star here is the collard greens, maybe my favorite ever. I don’t usually like mine spiced, but here the spice is quite subtle. Rich, meaty, and with great texture.

The mac n’ cheese is not worth anything.

As an odd bonus,this place also serves as a pickup location for a chicken soup-centered operation called Prescription Chicken, so you can get your matzoh ball soup here to go with your Ethiopian spices. Natch. Ordering is separate.