Donut Villa [Arlington, MA]

Had a weird meal at the newly-opened Donut Villa this past Tuesday.

Here’s the setup: Stoopid-a$$ me at the beginning of the school year signed up to provide first Wednesday of the month staff lunch at Spring Onion’s tiny school, thinking “oh this might be fun.” Usually 2 people sign up but not for my week, so it was all me for the 1 March lunch, with my work piling on top of my head. B tried to support but just tssked. The staff is small (~20) but I’ve never cooked for that many people by myself. I wanted to do Korean and have a menu that would accommodate dietary stuff (sometimes I wish we were all cavepeople and ate everything). And then we had an unanticipated effing snow day on Tuesday for no good reason, which meant work/Spring Onion entertaining/staff lunch. :crazy_face:

I made bibimbap and japchae gluten-free/vegan, dishes which are both PITAs due to lots of separate ingredients cooked separately. So, by Tuesday dinnertime, I was DONE. We walked to our local pub, Heights Pub, only to find that it was closed for a private event. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I remembered reading about Donut Villa in the Globe so, although we were trying to avoid the car, we drove down to Arlington Center. This is what we found: not many tables occupied (not surprising for a wet Tuesday), contractor still working inside (which didn’t bother us), annoying lighting (LED recessed lighting that were too bright and white), earnest but a little clueless service (B ordered a Lone Pine Oh-J draft beer and received the Lone Pine beer that was on draft alongside a glass of orange juice). He got and enjoyed a fried chicken sandwich, SO had a French toast/bacon/scrambled eggs/toast dinner (his first time eating and enjoying bacon). My vegan breakfast bowl-thingy with veggie sausage and veggies was an abomination. There was some weird gloop all over the whole thing that I couldn’t get past. I brought it home, with the thought of re-purposing or at the very least, composting. We’ll wait a while before we return. The server was very nice and appropriately apologetic. No photos because it was just a weird, sad dinner and taking photos would’ve heightened that mood, ya know?

I’m taking advantage of a slow work day today by making a vat of veggie chili whilst listening to De La Soul.


Oh my, staff lunch sounds quite stressful! You were very generous with time and effort. I can see why you needed to do something out of the house on Tuesday for dinner (what a huge non snow event Tuesday was).

I had been wondering about Donut Villa. The Globe review was mostly positive; however, I did wonder at the suggestion that it might be a good idea to wait a couple of weeks until they were able to “work out the kinks.” Your meal sounds truly dreadful. And the beer served with an unexpected side of juice? What a disappointment after a frustrating day. I fail to see the appeal of savory dishes served on donuts (pizza on donuts?). We might try it some time since our son loves diners… sometime later.

So thanks for your review. Your chili looks great!


No kidding, I find them a PITA when I make them for 4. Hats off to your doing it for 20. Hope they were duly appreciative!!


Oh, there was a reason all right. Lack of prior snow days! :wink: I was shocked Somerville did not succumb to this reasoning.

I noted lines around the square at Donut Villa 2 Saturdays ago and thought to maybe let those calm down before trying it. My hunch and your experience makes me think one would want to stick to diner fare and donuts. Full stop.