Doner House

Could have sworn this roadside stand was a discussion here , if it was sorry couldn’t find it.
Tried the $10 lunchtime special, other than an AC Cobra ( very cool car) in the lot my food was meh.
Lamb was plentiful but was way overcooked, rice was well it was white rice & the “ salad” was shredded lettuce with 2 crappy slices of tomato.
Yes it was $10.00 & included a fountain drink or bottled water so if you’re looking for something cheap & and not very good then this is your place

You misspelled the name. It’s Doner House. And, yes, there is an existing thread.

(Perhaps an Admin can move this post there. @NotJrvedivici?)

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Must have been the lousy food that affected my brain thanks.
No matter how it’s spelled it was a terrible lunch

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We tried Doner House twice last year. (I didn’t post about our experiences on the original thread.) The first time, we ate there outdoors at one of their picnic tables. The second time, we got a few mezzes to take home. The falafel we had when we ate there was very tasty but didn’t travel well as take-out. Babaganoush was good both times. The ground lamb kebab we had there was too dry. Baklava was fine. Since those experiences were mixed, I haven’t completely written them off because they have outdoor seating.

That said… Istanbul Bay Premium, directly across Route 9 from Doner House, has a more extensive menu and superior food. Since they don’t have outdoor seating, we’ve ordered take-out many times, have tried a lot of things on the menu, and have never been disappointed. In case you haven’t seen it, I did post about our first experience.


Saw it and haven’t had interest in trying it yet.
Since my diet is so restrictive my dining out experiences have been quite limited.
As I get healthier I will be able to spread my culinary wings

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