Donating an "Earthbox" to a local shelter. Need help w/my brainstorm.

For the last few years, an organization I belong to has an annual park restoration activity. I have been organizing “Earthbox” donations. An Earthbox is a self watering planter, that can theoretically accommodate from two tomato plants, up to about eight green bean plants.

The tricky part is, by the day of the event, we are facing triple digit temps and no rain for the next three to four months. It seems like it would be late to start most things, so I’ve been planning to donate the box and vegetable and/or flower seedlings.

Last year I did a variety of colored “green beans” in two inch pots. I don’t know how they did. The ones I grew at my place had a lot of spider mites, and it took some work to beat them back. Nevertheless, it’s probably what I’ll try again. And I have started zinnias.

Anything else anyone might suggest in terms of seedlings I could plant in Mid May in central valley N.California?

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Maybe squash or melon, especially cucumbers and cantaloupes? Those are what we used to have the best luck with in the Central Valley foothills. I seem to recall my dad growing a variety of pole beans, too, and all kinds of peppers, with very limited water and lots of dry heat.

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Than you! I have to be able to grow them in Earthboxes with no staking. I did melons and lemon cucumbers that did okay, but benefitted from trellises. . I can do more in my yard, but these will have people coming and going.

Here are some in my yard.
These are sweet peas.


The last one s last year’s, after the kids helped plant it with 8 bean seedlings. Well, they helped add dirt and water. I worry about transplanting bean seedlings. Interwebs says don’t.


I need to read up on Earthboxes: wondering if I could make them work here. (My issue is mainly urban wildlife - especially squirrels, who love to cache nuts/seeds/acorns in my potted plants; I’m in a rental and thus limited in how much I want to invest in planting in the ground/improving the soil.)

Your boxes look incredible: do you feast well with all you’re able to grow?

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I do feast. I also waste, which I hate.

Do check out Earthboxes, and there are many DIY versions.