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Figured it was about time to give this place a dedicated thread.

Met an old friend here for lunch today. When I say old, I mean he is ten years older than me so he is OLD. I was shocked he had never been to Don Pepe. When we walked in he told me he didn’t like Peruvian food.

We shared my go to meal - Combo Don Pepe. For a ridiculously small $20 you get an entire roasted chicken, a huge portion of house salad with their delicious house dressing, and a large order of chicken fried rice.

Not only did my friend eat more than his share of everything, he insisted that he take the leftovers home. One visit is all it takes.


If I remember this place has a nice smoky flavor to their chicken but is always empty. I mean is it even possible for there to be a Peruvian roast chicken that’s not amazing. I think super Pollo is a little better than this place but it’s still fantastic.

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Agreed on the chicken at Super Pollo, but the sauce, salad dressing, and fried rice are all excellent, and the difference in chicken is very small.

Made it in tonight and had a tasty meal. Parilla Familia with great grill flavor, and Leche de Tigre (with the Sea Bass upgrade from Tilapia).

Rocoto (red) and Huacatay (green) sauces.


Don Pepe for takeout tonight. Fried Snapper, Parilla Personal, Leche de Tigre.


Peruvian food- many dishes have aji (peppers) which range from mild (aji amarillo) to hot (aji limon) to super hot (rocoto).
Aji amarillo is used to flavor many dishes and sauces [lower, and with huacatay (mint) in light green].
Aji Limon is used in Ceviche (red bits in Leche de Tigre). We once used three aji limone in a shrimp ceviche for two and it took a bit to finish. Very hot.
Aji rocoto (red in small cups) is also extra hot and gives some dishes a kick.
Aji panca is a dried chili also available as paste in jars.
Available frozen and in jars, check them out if you like to cook with peppers.


Gotta love their mixed grill for one. Enough food for my whole family.


Don Pepe to go after a fall drive.
Anticucho of Beef Heart/Beef, Shrimp Ajillo, Choritos a
la Chalaca (mussels), Avocado Salad, and Leche de Tigre (Corvina).
Nice meal without feeling too full.


Looks amazing.

What’s that cheesy looking thing in the middle? Do you have any favorites you’d recommend?


Shrimp Ajillo with Aji Amarillo.
Pollo a la Brasa, Leche de Tigre (ask for better fish than Tilapia or that’s what you’ll get), Yucca, Arroz Chifa. Have enjoyed most things there. Sauces definitely, Huacatay and Rocoto. Ask for it pica (hot) if you like heat. You can always add some rocoto.

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The color comes from the Aji Amarillo, Peruvian yellow pepper combined with cream or evaporated milk.

Thank you for the recommendations!! Can’t wait to try some new things. :slight_smile:

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Circumstances dictated that we needed to find some take out for our meal today. After a couple of days eating the first photo, we ordered Don Pepe for a nice big meal.
Personal Parilla, Leche de Tigre, Pollo a la Brasa, Arroz Chaufa, salad.
Frequently bewildered by the Latin steak cuts but this was a nice cut with various textures and good flavor. Parilla also comes with 1/4 chicken, chorizo and anticucho.


Looks awesome. Hope everyone is ok with that first pic diet


Head cold caught in the office. Helped by taking Nyquil and going to sleep at 8 pm. Just bad timing. Thanks.


Damn I feel like a caveman just looking at that beef!!