Dominique Ansel Kitchen

been many times now and, while there are some items i really enjoy and order repeatedly, the limited menu has as many that I’d never order again.

A recent visit was 50/50. The baked apple muffin with maple and lardo delivered on every promise. Everything was immediately recognizable individually but worked so well collectively. The Pain au Chocolate, on the other hand, was a mess.

The savory dishes have been nearly all winners, with the chicken salad, croque monsieur, and avocado brioche topping the list. Desserts have been less reliable. The Black Tea-rimisu, never again. Same with the Christopher Street Chocolate and Caramel Cake. The EPI-style eclair was fine. Their oatmeal cookie may be the best I’ve ever had. I’ve tried several others and they’re just as uneven. Great place, but the inconsistencies are frustrating.

I loved that avocado brioche. Odd that this far along there are still so many misses especially on the sweet side.
I never would have thought to order an oatmeal cookie there but I certainly will next time i go. That muffin sounds amazing but i suspect the lardo isn’t optional…any other noteworthy muffins?

haven’t had any other muffin there. the apple maple lardo is hardly what you’d call a muffin, either. it’s tiny - maybe three bites only - more like a madeleine. no way to leave the lardo off, for sure.

separately and not NY related, looks like i’m headed to Madrid and i’ve got your mushroom spot at the top of my list! can’t wait.

Oh!! I’m so jealous of your madrid trip!
That mushroom place is so amazing, I actually went twice in the five days i was in madrid :))
There’s the old bakery, la mallorquina, that is a bit touristy yet excellent for a treat and espresso (how is espresso anywhere- like even the newspaper shop- so good in europe???)

Otherwise i did a lot of walk and wander and “tapear” at the most busy place i could find.
Have fun! I should be headed back before the end of the year myself, let me know if/what great places I shouldn’t miss