Dolsot Bibimbap - Houston - Recs?

It seems we haven’t had much discussion of Korean fare in Houston here on HO, other than Korean Fried Chicken. I’ve got a hankerin’ for some Bibimbap. I’ve had it at three places, including Jang Guem and Bibi Jo’s in the Super H Mart on Blalock, and another place that’s now gone. Wouldn’t you just know it - the latter place was the best version.

So, I’d like to try a new place.

Any recs, anybody?

This Japanese Grill it yourself chain opened a location near me recently and I’ve been trying to go. I was going to try it yesterday but couldn’t get anyone to go with me.

Anyway, I notice they have Bibimbap on the menu, not sure if it’s different than the Korean or not. I can’t recommend it because, well, I can’t get anyone to go with me! There are two locations in Houston.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

I saw the midtown location last year when I tried out Dogerz Doner, right across the street. I’ve been thinking of trying it out. Didn’t realize there was a location in Memorial. OF COURSE there’s a location in Memorial :smirk:.

Interesting - a Japanese place with Sukiyaki Bibimbap and Kimchi fried rice bibimbap!

You can’t be serious, we are awash in chains of mediocrity. Hoping this one isn’t.

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Market stall in Lima
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