Dögarz Döner - Houston

I stopped by this little shop in Midtown today for lunch. It’s a locally owned alternative to the Verts Kebap chain out of Austin that invaded a couple of years ago with multiple locations. They have very similar and very small menus. This one offers a fish option and lettuce as a wrap as opposed to bread, the other one has falafel but no fish and a choice of breads.

I wanted to try the DönerFi. I wasn’t too happy that the fish was basa but I went ahead with it. It was nicely seasoned and fried in a thin crisp batter which helped. That’s a bit of the fish visible in the lower left corner of the sandwich. The bread is Armenian matnakash which I came across recently at Phoenicia. There’s cucumber, tomato, cabbage, cilantro and corn with a yogurt/garlic sauce and, per the website, Turkish, Italian and Mediterranean spices. Ask for it spicy and you get a hot sauce on the side (Aleppo peppers?). I tasted it but didn’t use it.

This proved rather unmanageable as a sandwich. I forgot you’re supposed to pick them up in the wrapper to help hold them together the first few times. That would have helped some but the bread was toasted and on the dry and brittle side and the sandwich broke all apart. Tasty food but this might work better if you go with the salad version (hopefully you get some bread on the side).