Dog-friendly ice cream destinations [MA and New England]

Finally warm enough to get out there to enjoy a scoop or two at our region’s ice cream stands. Yesterday we found out that Kimball’s (Carlisle, MA) offers servings of what they call doggy ice cream. Devoured with gusto by our pup, as you can see.

Anywhere else that a dog and her humans can enjoy an ice cream together?


I feel like many ice cream places have dog bowls outside and most would welcome a well behaved dog at their outside tables. Of course given the excessive MA health codes, nowhere will have dogs inside.

Shake Shack has a dog sundae (frozen custard, biscuits, peanut butter), and the HSQ location always has water out. There are outside tables and the adjacent park in which to enjoy. Be warned, the sundae is rather large and was too rich for one of my dogs, we paid the price with some dogarrhea that night.

JP licks also has a frozen dog concoction on their menu.

If fido has money to burn, Bar Boulud offeres several treats for dogs on their patio.

Thank you for these tips, @uni! Got a big laugh out of “if Fido has money to burn.” Sometimes it seems that she does burn money with necessary changes we’re making around the house to accommodate our active pooch (recently adopted). She’ll have to “get by” without Bar Bouloud, I guess. :wink:

For me, the dogs are worth it. However, they have cost more than my wildest dreams. In my next life I am coming back as a vet.


Downriver Ice Cream in Essex is definitely dog-friendly, and the ice cream is super creamy. They also have a location in Rowley but the Essex location is more pleasant.


What a good excuse to visit Downriver Ice Cream. Their Rosie’s Treat (vanilla ice cream topped with dog biscuits, packed in a dome-shaped lid to discourage wolfing) looks like a good bet for our pooch.

Much appreciated, @bear!

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