Does your dog really need to go everywhere you go?

Grocery stores? Department stores? Everywhere? I’m a dog lover too, but darn enough is enough. Unless you have a registered service “animal” leave them at home. If they have a problem being left at home alone then take care of it there somehow. Stop trying to pass them off as emotional support pets by holding them in your arms or even worse, put one of those dog in training vests on them. You’re not fooling anyone. It just bugs me because it makes it harder on people with “real” service animals. I don’t care how well behaved your dogs are.


In addition to liking your post, I wanted to acknowledge that I very much agree with you.

There is one shopper I run into from time to time in my travels around town that with an ill mannered German Shepherd. In addition to the loud barks this dog emits, he/she has jammed his nose into my crotch. I was looking at something and assumed the owner had control of the dog, but I was incorrect and jumped back once I felt the dog’s nose violate my “space”. The owner didn’t even apologize.

For the record, the dog did not have a service vest on, so I don’t even think this animal is even a therapy dog.


And often they’re not that well-behaved anyway…

Not to mention, many people have allergies to pet dander, so putting your pet in their path doesn’t meet the same public risk vs. necessity criterion that registered service animals do.


I had a similar experience, but this dog was pretty well behaved. Also very pretty - looked like a brindle Staffordshire terrier but not as heavy as they usually are. The owner would go into the store with the dog unleashed and after a few encounters, I overheard his name. The owner was claiming “emotional support” but like usual, no vest or proof.

Well, animals like me, and dogs in particular tend to fawn all over me. So the 4th or 5th time I ran into them, I called him and told him to come with me and walked out of the store with him at my side.

Owner freaks. I told the dog to sit next to me and told the owner, “prove it’s your dog - see if he will come to you or wants to stay with me”. Owner calls, dog looks up at me and just sits there. I told him “OKAY!” and pointed at the owner and he trotted over.

This was about 2 years ago and the owner glares at me whenever I’m within eyeball-stabbing distance, but the dog doesn’t accompany her into that store anymore.