Does that tiny little bottle on your barshelf contain Fireball WHISKEY? Or something else?

I wouldnt drink that stuff on a bet, whiskey or not.

But yeah, thats pretty shady. Legal, but shady.

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hmmm…it might not be legal if the judge thinks it is misleading consumers

I guess we’ll see the judgment and if producer needs to put real whiskey in it or change the label

I guess it depends on where you live. Here in Pennsylvania only state-owned stores can sell liquor (they have recently relented to allow certain grocery stores to sell beer and wine). So if I saw this product in a convenience store or any place other than a state store I would be well aware that it was not whiskey.

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Here in NY as well. Hard liquor and wines are only available at licensed liquor stores. So when I saw these little bottles in Shoprite (supermarket) I knew something was afoot.

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