Does anyone know of a cookie that uses only egg yolks, not the whites or other fats?

A long, long time ago I spent a winter in the north of Italy and the grandmother of the house I was staying in made these amazing biscotti using only egg yolks, no butter or any other liquids. I remember even then being impressed as the very dry ingredients eventually came together into a ‘wet’ ball.

I was thinking about that this evening and put in a food processor 1/2 cup of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and 1/4 cup of milk powder with two egg yolks. When it came together I added a cup of flour and after a few minutes in the FP, it formed a perfect dough I then kneaded chocolate chips and walnuts into.

The dough was delicious and the baked cookies were fantastic, so I wanted to know if this was species, genre, type of cooking and if so what they are called. I want to try more recipes.

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I’m not a baker whatsoever but wish I could be. I’ve heard of egg yolk cookies before but that’s about all I can offer.

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Sure. “Sables” use only egg yolks. Google it.

Then, there’s an entire genre of Eastern European cookie that uses only hard-cooked yolks. Don’t know what they’re called but I’ve eaten them & they are delicious.

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I’m finding them as French Butter Cookies, and I’m looking to see if there are other cookies, like the ones I made, that don’t have that added fat. But thank you. :slight_smile:

Do Chinese Mooncakes count as “cookies”?

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For me they do. I always buy them. You’re saying they are made only with egg yolks? I look up some recipes. Thanks. :slight_smile:

They are called “sable cookies.”

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Sable cookies are delicious but they rely on butter and the OP specified that s/he wanted to rely on egg yolks only, no additional fats.
Fascinating quest…

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Off-topic, here are some hard boiled egg cookies I’ve tried:

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