Documentary - Chef Flynn on Hulu

Chef Flynn is an incredibly interesting story on so many levels. Curious if anyone in NYC or beyond has been to Chef Flynn’s new restaurant on the lower east side? The one called Gem that has a tasting menu for 12 people per seating, along with a wine pairing menu that Chef Flynn can’t (ostensibly) enjoy because he is just 20 years old right now? Yet his career is about 10 years old already?

Sure would like a conversation on this apparently gifted kid.

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I just finished watching the doc. Thank you for calling attention to it. The concentration level is what stood out for me. Second to knowing from a very early age what Flynn gravitated towards was the support he received and the obstacles he faced at every step.

Gem is now on my radar.

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He got SO MUCH PRESS including (but gawd, not limited to) this fawning piece in the New York Times Magazine that I was sick of him almost from the moment I learned of his existence. And don’t get me started on the approximately 12,000 articles about his apparently life-changing dry-aged beet.

I don’t doubt that he is both dedicated and talented, but he’s also from a very well-connected family and served by a busy and well-financed PR operation. And while I don’t mind the taste of hype, I also don’t feel like paying quite as much for it as this kid charges.

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Thanks for attaching the article that was referenced in the documentary. I think Flynn sounds pretty grounded in spite of the writers hype, the connected Mother and limelight. Afterall, if he can’t deliver, the ride will stop. I think he reflects one way up and coming talents are making their way and playing the media game is most def thrust upon you whether you like it or not. After watching the documentary, it seemed to me all Flynn wanted to do was be taken seriously.

As for the cost of such a meal…Last weekend my restaurant meal locally ran $150. and it was really uninspired…

  1. $5 says your $150 meal included tax and drinks. Gem charges $180 for food only (service included), so you’d still be on the hook for tax and drinks - the wine pairing is an additional $120.

  2. But Gem’s pricing isn’t that unusual for tasting menus in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Neither is the menu itself - there are many places where you can get a meal of a similar style and quality. The only novelty at Gem is the chef’s age and background.

That said, I certainly wouldn’t argue against a visit to the restaurant (reservations look pretty easy to come by) or an interest in the documentary. I’m just having a hard time - this month in particular - getting excited about the accomplishments of yet another privileged white kid, even one whose establishment is a 20:00 walk from my apartment.

I’ve worked for enough fortunate people to know that only gets you so far and the silver-spoon can tarnish without care. I don’t hold his age against him because plenty of adults would kill for an easier road if given the chance.

As for $ spent on food, lol…we all have to fess up to splurges. It’s amazing how we can justify what we spend our hard earned dough on. Guilty.

Interesting chef and restaurant. 180 a head isn’t cheap…with no booze either.

Dan, you said a local place here has a 150 a head menu. Where would that be? Just curious.

Just in Old Bridge. That’s what it cost me for dinner. No cocktails.