Doctor's Lounge, Excelsior SF

We had breakfast here this morning. They were totally welcoming to us with our 7 and 2 year old daughters. I had called ahead to make sure we could bring them. My husband and I shared a veggie omelet and a pork chop with eggs plate. Both were delicious, but the pork chop was the winner. Nicely brined and moist. And the spicy potatoes are great. Our older daughter had the waffle with bacon cooked in and was thrilled with it. Regular old coffee was fine with us, but might disappoint coffee snobs. We are snobs about lots of things, but not coffee. Also, food came up amazingly fast. Great for antsy kids. We will be back. And definitely recommend it. Simple and delicious. Maybe not drive-across-the-city material, but great if you are on that side of the city. And we live in the Portola.

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