Do You Travel with Any Condiments?

I didn’t say you would disintegrate.

I just said I would not worry, never indicated that you would worry.

Although the fact that you posted this topic I think it would be safe to assume that you have some sort of concern about not having your favorite condiment at the ready, which would indicate a bit of worry I suppose. Perhaps that’s just me assuming too much.

My fault, no doubt.


I ALWAYS carry condiments when I travel. Salt and pepper for bad airline food.
Once I’m at my destination, i know I can get good food.

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Every flight I have been on has salt and pepper on board, unless it’s a short flight (like 60 minutes) in which case not sure eating a meal is really necessary, unless you’re diabetic I suppose. And even then a small snack (like cookies or fruit) would do the trick.

I’ve never thought to carry condiments. Haha. But hey if I felt the need I surely would.

I fly mostly Asian airlines on trans-Pacific routes. S&P is rarely included. If it is available, it means waiting 15 minutes while a flight attendant finds it.
In any case, I was answering the OP’s question literally. i don’t think this was really what he was asking about.

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I ususlly have truffle salt in my purse when dinning out. Some of my girlfriends like the ambiance over the food. For me the food takes priority so that is our compromise.
I like this one because the tin is light and not breakable.
I do not travel with it and roll the dice then when we try a new spot when away from home.


It’s the same for me when people in restaurants ask waiters/chefs to change dishes and substitute different components - why even go to the restaurant and better stay at home so you can only eat what you make. I like restaurants which clearly state that they refuse to make any changes to dishes.

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No, don’t travel with condiments of any kind while traveling, but do buy small containers of half n half for coffee in our hotel rooms, which usually have a small fridge and excellent coffee provided. When visiting relatives I sometimes have a container of instant espresso or Starbucks Via packets to fortify weak coffee, or as we call it, brown water. :rofl::joy_cat: Most relatives do enjoy decent coffee, however. Thankfully! But to each their own.


I stopped going to lunch with one work buddy specifically because of this. He was almost neurotic about it - I can’t think of a time he didn’t ask for something subbed. But then, he was also generally neurotic. Hypochondriac too.

Good guy though, otherwise.

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Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

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