Do you still think dinner on Saturday night is special.

Being way past most expiration dates I have a tendency to become very crotchety.
Before Covid impacted all our normal dining habits I was loathe to dealing with crowds on a Saturday night.
I found dinner on Sunday & Thursday & most any other weekday night especially relaxing & enjoyable. I am not great at making both plans & reservations and enjoyed the spontaneity of picking myself and going to get a meal.
Nowadays it seems you need a reservation for just about every night of the week during peak dinner hours & Saturdays at most decent places are booked out for weeks.
So because of the current state of affairs Saturday nights are no longer date night for me.
Am I alone in feeling like this? Just a bit of curiosity here.


Lol @Ragtopssk Sounds like we should double date sometime. I’m old and crotchety too :laughing:

Monday date nights are big for me now. Luckily there’s a local place that has karaoke Mondays.


I knew that there are more like me here . We just might have to spontaneously do this sometime lol .

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I was retired from my straight job in 2002. Since then I do what I can to not be out on weekends. Or on the roads during either rush hour. It’s twofold - I don’t want to be in the way of people who only have weekends available as free time and everything is much less … contested … during the week. So, love my weekday lunches and my weeknight dinners out.


Yeah I still like Saturday dinners but not compelled to dine out.


I’m going to El Quijote tonight, so I guess I do.

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The planning involved is a hassle, but sometimes a spontaneous ressie appears. At 4:15 pm on Sat I was able to grab a 6 pm ressie at Nettie’s. Perhaps a bit early for some on a Saturday, but perfect for me. Warm enough for a nightcap and cigar when I get home.


That’s a good plan without making a plan


We go out for lunch on Sundays to places not limited to brunch. Always get to a restaurant when they open (usually 11:30) and never have problems being seated as places don’t take lunch reservations. On the rare occasion we might go out for supper, if reservations aren’t taken again we always arrive when a restaurant opens (usually 4:00-4:30) and don’t eat lunch that day. This tactic works even in the summer tourist season (outer Cape Cod). We’re married 43 years and officially old!!


We’re going to haul out the old Henny Youngman chestnut:

"My wife [eye roll] . . . we’re married 43 years . . .

"The secret? We have a romantic dinner out twice a week . . .

"Candlelight, a drink, a little wine . . .

“She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.”

[Rim shot]


Sunday night used to be a standing arrangement for us and another couple. Now it’s catch as catch can. I really miss those days.


I like your unplanned plan :+1:

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Sunday early dinner is a great time to go out no matter the season.


I always enjoyed dining out on a Saturday night after a long week of work. We usually dine early at 5 PM before it gets too crazy. I couldn’t really dine out during the week because of work. However, I am finally retiring on June 24th after 41 years with the same company. I think I might change my dining out plans, and try dining out during the week a few times, instead of Saturday night. It will be nice not worrying about having to wake up at 6:20 AM the next morning. The only bad thing about dining out during the week is that you might not get the A team (which usually works on the weekends).


Good luck on your retirement
41 years with same company wow unheard of in this day & age


Thank you! Yes, most people barely last a year or two with the same company, let alone 41 years. I was very fortunate.


Saturday is still a thing for us working stiffs.

Weeknights are a no go…once in a while I get a fast-casual with friends, but even working from home has to have an earylish start time, so big dinners are out.

Fridays are a little better, but get a late start because work.

Monday starts the week again.

So Saturday it is if I want to have a nice dinner without looking at my watch and mentally checking my to do list for the next day.


Yeah I remember that grind ugh

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Saturday night has long been our major food event of the week. But, for decades, it’s been a meal we cook at home. Dining out is a midweek hobby.


Dinner every night is special for me.

In fact, every meal is special for me.

I treasure each and every moment I have to break bread with someone else, or with myself.

It is truly one of life’s special and wonderful treasures.