Do you still post on Chowhound?


At that time the topics became irrelevant and boring to me. Now I don’t remember my old log-in so don’t go there anymore.

You’d be surprised about how little mention CH gets in our WFD group on Fb :smiley:


No, I don’t post there anymore. I barely have enough energy to read the posts here. If I have extra energy, then I would read something completely different than HungryOnion.

Now, I am sure some people would like to follow 2-3 food related websites.

You know… I’ve seen this ‘heart’ referenced before but haven’t got the slightest idea what it’s referring to. When new replies load I see three blue does that blink in line during the loading… never have seen a blinking heart.

My pet peeve used to be that the new site wasn’t working on iOS 7 and I had a really annoying keystroke lag on my iPhone. They kept telling me it was because that iOS was no longer supported by Apple. Over the past month or so that delay seems to have disappeared. Maybe they decided to keep working on support for OSes that got left behind.

I post there occasionally when something I find is interesting enough. My overall impression is that the site now gets new posts about cities not of any interest to me. Seems like all the Californians are here and on FTC. I used to get involved in a lot of discussions in the General and Not About Food areas, but find VERY little there lately.

Hey Glo - bring your buds over here. That’s what I did!!


Well, that’s a very disturbing photo, but whatever floats your boat.

A member of this HO group stated that s/he still posts on CH and suggested that most of us here do

I wonder why someone in HO suggested this? They dug their own grave, let them rot in it.

Get over it? Why?

A. It appears that it’s allowed here, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, I assume.

B. Thankfully, in allowing it, within reason, HO doesn’t partake of the jackboot tactics that were so gleefully practiced by the thugs at CH.

For which I am forever grateful.

Thank you, Gwenn.

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I don’t. In fact, I can’t even remember my CH password anymore - it was reset by the system once and I didn’t write it down, nor did I change it to something I can recall easily.

I think I may be the same. To me, HO feels sort of different to how CH used to feel (pre-revamp). Difficult to explain what I mean.

(EDIT: whoops - my post was intended as a reply to Gio, not winecountrygirl.)

As for the question posed in the OP - yes, I post occasionally. I check out CH’s UK/Ireland board a couple of times a week. Never very busy and rarely talking about anywhere other than London, it is now a shadow of its former self. So, I may comment briefly on a thread, but I am not posting new information, such as restaurant reviews, to CH.

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Agreed. For me it feels like “starting over” and it takes the wind out of your sails a little.

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Oh, I didn’t mean that it shouldn’t be allowed. The “get over it” was more about try to stop caring.

Some are already here, Gwenn. Some have gone to Lingua’s site as well as joining here. Some only post as I do… on 2 or 3 Home Cooking threads.

When I partially left CH I changed my recognizable Avatar for crossed spatulas and deleted my e-mail address. I have since posted the HO URL in my Profile for all to see and use.

It took me 2 years of lurking and reading before I jumped into CH. That was 2004-2006. I’m not saying it will take me 2 years to get acclimated here but I have who says he’s so old he never buys green bananas…

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Ah. Mea maxima culpa. Sometimes it’s hard to read tone.

Nah. It was my wording that was harsh.

The heart refers to what is the knife & fork here at HO at the bottom of each post. You know, like a “like” button on Facebook.

Jackboots? Thugs?

Hyperbole much?


Not really. I check the latest topics and reply to some but haven’t started a new one in a while. Mostly because I just don’t have that many questions that I think anyone on CH can answer better than I can answer for myself.

My hearts don’t pulse; never did. Maybe I should consult a cardiologist.

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