Do you smuggle candy into movie theaters?

When we take the kids to the movies we spring for a large popcorn and drink to share. But no way will I pay $3 for a candy bar. I bring candy in.

Do you?

Haribo gummy bears
A flask



No, 'cause I don’t eat it. I sometimes bring other snacks in, but Manhattan theaters often check bags and confiscate “contraband.” My partner tried to convince one of the gatekeepers that a bag literally labeled “movie popcorn” was actually just groceries. Unsurprisingly, this did not work.

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Used to go to the cinemas once or twice a week up until the mid 90’s, no bag control back then. All kinds of snacks got through but my favourite was Banh Mi.

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I cannot resist the lure of movie theater popcorn and a drink. I go on Tuesdays, when they have a special of a small soda and popcorn for $5. (A bonus as a Stubs movie member.) The small popcorn is plenty. But then I always have my package of Twizzlers in my pocket for later in the movie. But I always open it before the movie starts. I hate to hear candy wrappers being fiddled with during the show!

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Apparently we were solidly middle-class growing up–enough money for mom or dad to take me to the movies, but not enough to pay exorbitant prices for food and drink. I learned early on that I could survive two hours without food, though I did get a small soda :astonished: We usually went out for a pizza or a sandwich after the film.

Fast forward many decades. I still can survive two hours without food. When I go to a movie it’s usually with mom, my friend and her mom. I get a drink. Friend gets a drink. Mom gets nothing. Friend’s mom gets a soda, a popcorn and smuggles in raisinettes, junior mints, goobers, twizzlers, malted milk balls, etc. And yes, we all go out to lunch after the movie. Guess who is the skinniest of this foursome :crazy_face:

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Yes, I usually always smuggled candy in for the kids when they were growing up. We did buy popcorn and a drink.

I don’t go to the movies much anymore. They’ve remodeled our new theatre yet again with fully reclining seats. The chairs are so uncomfortable for me that I have to recline them quite far and I always fall asleep. Wish I could go there during periods of insomnia though.:sleeping::zzz:

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