Do You Send Food Gifts For The Holidays?

Lol. Can’t wait to put together a Holiday Charcuterie Cheese Platter again this year.

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Perfect!! :+1:

For the last several years my husband & I have cured & canned Sevillano olives & gifted them. The responses have been 100% positive… Don’t know about this year as the fellow I’ve been sourcing my olives from doesn’t seem to have any this year. His dad has been gradually selling these mature trees as landscape accents for much more than the harvests ever have plus he has been having increasing difficulty getting workers to pick his crops… Sad :disappointed_relieved:


Oh no! I wonder how old they were. I saw someone installing a mature tree in England on some landscaping show , and thought “what a waste!”. I’m thinking they won’t do well, and I don’t think the family understood what they were getting.

I have a few olive farms around, but have not seen them before the cure. I got an invite to an “olive camp” from one (Be Love Farm/Cafe Gratitude). Maybe I should go.

But not to anyone in New York City anymore…

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I am very interested in your project. We have two Mission trees that supply us with enough to fool around with. We just keep the cured olives in brine and bring out quantities for current use. I am very interested in your canning process. Looks like waterbath. Any wisdom to share?

This is pretty close to mine. Do substitute fresh lemon zest for the lemon extract in the filling.
Result, pic from last year…


That’s very cool looking and I’m sure it tastes great. I’ve heard of it before, but have never tried it. Thanks for posting.

For those of us without sweettooth, it isn’t too sweet. We cut it in slices and toast in a teflon pan, then lay on some :grinning: butter…

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That’s reminding me of gingerbread houses (only local), and dipped pretzels, usually for kids or kids at heart.

No, we do not however, we receive food gifts from Italy.

We spend the 24th, 25th, 31st of December all together and part of the 1st January. Then we take our annual trip …

So, we do not send anything to our families. We always give our parents
and grand parents, something they can all do together verses personalised gifts, such as a weekend away – something they can remember verses, eat and it is gone or something to wear – which we never do …

Our sons and daughter in laws, we always discuss gift giving as in the past too many of us received gifts that are useless to us … and we would pass them on and never use …

To all those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a lovely holiday season.

Have a nice weekend.

Good question for a fórum.


I’d like to hear more about that, if it’s allowed. Where do you like to go in January?


Yes, inquiring minds want to know!

@pilgrim thanks for asking. I got instructions from a fellow who used to teach a class at the College of San Mateo. We do ripe green olives & do not pit them. Its about a 14 day project. If you are really intetested I will post the process…

Northern Italia, always.

Exactly where, we were just discussing this morning.

We Will fly to Venezia as always and spend a couple of days in San Marco as always seeing a couple of exhibitions and seeing Friends who live there.

Then we Will rent a car and drive to the Dolmites to go skiing … (Southern Tyrol - Alt Badia área).

Returning we Will spend 2 evenings and 3 days in Verona.


One year I bought a bunch of bulk nuts and made all sorts flavored nuts. Curried cashews; balsamic glazed walnuts; honey mustard cashews; spicy jalapeno almonds. I had a little nut factory in my kitchen, and packaged them in small cellophane gift bags with ribbon and labels. I’d give them out with holiday gratuities.


We are indeed interested in learning your method, and add that the forum is enriched by having this info. (FWIW, here I repost our method. of curing with lye.)

I am particularly interested in learning that and how you “can” them. It looks like a simple waterbath. Any more details I should know about?

Many thanks.

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Nice idea. I think my building folks would like cookies in the same vein… good reason for me to bake!

I, on the other hand, retired in July after 35 years in retail, the last 23 at THE major electronics retailer and am looking forward to a normal Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last one I had was when I had my knee strategically replaced missing all the b/s.

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I hope both holidays are great and normal for you. I too have worked retail, but just for 2 years, and I do realize you miss most normal weekends & holidays too - not too many days off in a row, especially during seasonal peaks.

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