Do you roll your tortillas like @GustavoArellano? Or rip them like @evankleiman?



KCRW & Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament is back! SoCal muckraker and author of Taco USA Gustavo Arellano and KCRW’s Good Food host Evan Kleiman are scouring the supermarkets, restaurants and taco trucks of Southern California, looking for the best corn and flour tortillas of 2019. The four finalists will face off live on Sept. 8 at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown LA. Join us to find out once and for all: Corn, or flour? The winner takes home the Golden Tortilla—our much coveted grand prize!

Bite, i.e. fold in half, use as a scoop, bite off the portion with the beans on it, repeat. Which I qualify by adding that I’ve never seen tortillas (as opposed to chips) offered with a communal bowl of guac or salsa, so I’m not double-dipping or anything horrifying like that.

At least up here, I see no one making fresh flour tortillas. Lots of places make their own corn ones.
And I’m definitely in the tearing camp.