Do You Love Pastrami?

Noted on the NYC page, don’t sleep on the Katz’s pastrami egg rolls at Red Farm (2 NY locations)…


You can get them on goldbelly i see but I’m not sure how that would work out


Good times.

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This via my RF Ellen who has several food groups on FB.

How is Katella Deli? I haven’t been yet, but it’s been on my radar for a couple years…

Would greatly appreciate any insights!

It’s a small oasis in a pastrami desert. Personally I think it’s it’s pretty poor and wouldn’t bother. Save ur pastrami points for LA county.

How is it outside of the pastrami?

Not a lot of experience. Had it taken in to a Costa Mesa conference room. I wouldn’t go there.

To be fair, I think a good deli can taste much worse when its being delivered and a lot of people are being fed.

Brent’s Deli would frequently be brought to the work place for lunch, and I couldn’t understand why people raved about the place.

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Work is a never a good flavor enhancer !

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Brodard spring roll.
Cream Pan strawberry croissant.
A tray of Vietnamese egg rolls.
Homemade pancit and lumpia.

That’s how you do a work pot luck in OC.


From yesterday


Every once in a while i get the corned beef from magees. that doesn’t look half bad tho!

magees house of nuts is better - ginormous raw or roasted cashews, and fresh peanut butter…

the farmer’s market isnt what it used to me, but still you won’t go hungry in there

she floats between NJ and Florida with occasional adventures out west.

good for her - this was a nice reminder to check out magees again for pastrami…canters is around the corner but it’s horrendous for that and most things now. easier to float with half a sandwich!

My dad was a huge fan of the Carnegie. When my mom died, over 30 years ago now, a college friend in NYC went to the Carnegie, got a pastrami sandwich to go, then went to Penn Station and got on the train to Baltimore. He called me when he got in, and said, I have something for your dad. So I picked him up and we went to my parents’ house and he delivered the sandwich to my dad. My dad talked about it for the rest of his life, he was so touched.


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing that @Meekah. What a kind friend of yours too. I love it. I’m a huge fan of the Carnegie too and one of these days I’m gonna do that mail order pack. I’ll have to find someone special to share it with.


It’s nice to have good friends, and I have good friends … I’m extremely lucky. I sent a pastrami sandwich kit (maybe it was from Zabar’s) to my deli-deprived cousin and her husband after she had a medical procedure and was recuperating at home. I knew it would be restorative !! Pastrami rules!

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I remember that one! Was that the same as “The trifecta episode”? George “flew to close to the sun on wings of pastrami”.