Do you have any simple and quick air fryer recipes?

I’ve been very busy lately and I don’t have much time to cook.
Thank you for sharing.

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I love to cook either chicken thighs or breasts in the air fryer. I use boneless and skinless versions, but you can use skin on as well. Bone in just means longer cooking times but as I never do it that way, I can’t tell you cook times.

The first step is mixing up a spice rub. It can be as simple as any or all oregano, zataar, vaudovin, black pepper, sumac toasted ground cumin, ground cinnamon, red or Aleppo pepper flakes, salt.

You can leave the chicken large or cut it into cubes. Sprinkle generously with your rub and pour over 1 tablespoon olive oil per pound of meat. I add thai fish sauce or soy. Let sit for 30 minutes…

At this point, you can put the chicken in an oiled and hot fryer basket and roast at 380 for 8 to 12 minutes {cubes to whole} tossing several times. I prefer a well-browned appearance so I crank the air fryer to air fry and 400 degrees for a further 2 minutes. You can skewer the chicken on bamboo or metal skewers for ease and evenness in cooking. If you skewer them, you can thread onion pieces or bell pepper squares beteen each chicken cube.


Thank you for sharing. This recipe is great! :heart_eyes:

YW. It also works great on shrimp in yhe shell. Split the back, deveign so the flavors get under the shell. Cook a little less, 8 minutes. Best skewered.

Peel ripe banana.

Wrap uncooked bacon around banana (like a Tijuana hot dog)

Put said banana with bacon in air fryer.

Air fry at 350 for 10-15 minutes.


Enjoy with knife/fork, or just your hands.

Thank me later.

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This was my most successful batch of air-fryer fish. Catfish pieces dredged in a 50% potato/rice flour mix, egg wash, panko, pressing the panko so the egg coated it. I ran the air fryer hotter than usual, 450F, flipped the fish when the top was browned. Very crisp coating, buttery soft fish. I made an egg-lemon sauce from the leftover egg wash. Click on the image link to see it.


Thanks for sharing this